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Didn't see this coming - jewelry all day today.  Not that I'll buy anything but I'll tune in every so often to see what's up.

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Re: All Day Jewelry Day today

UGH...another ALL DAY same product type show....just lately  it's been clothing, gardening and kitchen...and it's only January!!


To bad they could not have had a decent all day jewerly show during the holiday!

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Re: All Day Jewelry Day today

No sooner than I made a post elsewhere that the Q has changed their formatting in recent years and cut jewelry shows to almost nothing, they give us this!  Yay, I'm excited about it - good to see it - and wish they had more!

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Re: All Day Jewelry Day today

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I also felt the Q was phasing out Diamonique (too bad, I love Diamonique!), as well as most jewelry. Remember the old days when they had Joseph Esposito, Tacori, and many other top designers for Diamonique? Not anymore! I don't wear big jewelry (or Southwest designs) like Carolyn Pollock or Judity Ripka (too big and chunky for me). I miss the old days where they had pretty, high quality gemstone rings for a good price. I might watch "Put A Ring On It" at noon though - in case! 

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Re: All Day Jewelry Day today

I love the TSV today BUT can't wear brass, even with a protective coating, I

wear the coating off almost immediately and then discolor the metal (and the

metal discolors me).... Woman Sad 

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Re: All Day Jewelry Day today

I do love my jewelry and since today is one of the days that I work from home, I have been watching all day.  I just don't have the sound   If I don't hear a presentation, I'm less tempted to buy something.  I bought an aqua ring from Jtv on Saturday, so I do not need another piece of jewelry.  But looking is fun.  I like the Tsv but not enough to buy it. 

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Re: All Day Jewelry Day today

Who wants to wear brass any way?.....


Glad to see the day though. I'm enjoying it and may buy something.