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All day long with that ugly, ugly shoe....isn't this like the third flipflop/sandal (ugly) TSV in the last three weeks.  All day long with JT letting me know she's got it in every single color and she wears it around the place with the mouse ears.   

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I think that sandal is cute!  I wish I could wear it.  All I can wear is sneakers --- now that's ugly!!! 

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I tried really hard to like the Allegria bottom. I've bought a few pairs in the past, and return them every time!  I love their footbed and style is ok, but the bottom looks like a brick on my foot.  I have several Birks and Mephistos, and love them, but these are just not doin' it for me!  But they are super healthy for feet, so I hope others do enjoy them! 

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I don’t think it’s ugly, but not a shoe that would be appropriate for my lifestyle and balance issues.
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I've tried as well and have to remind myself, these don't work for me. Earth Origins do work and I love their boots and sandals. But someone must love them. I like the prints but open back and that sole don't feel good on me. 

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Love the enclosed shoes but the sandals don't work for me.


i highly recommend the shoes.  

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Having worked in an OR., I associate these shoes with work. I never wore them , but some did, and for me they are just too clunky looking for street shoes. If they work for you, great!

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I've been watching QVC for 20 years and can honestly say other than a handful of FFany shoes, none of the shoes/sandals they sell appeal to me though I realize they appeal to many others, or they wouldn't sell them.  



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Re: Alegria TSV

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I love them! 


I got the Snow Leopard & the blue Deep Sea.  I think they are cute and have purchased similar Alegria sandals in the past.  To me they are comfortable and offer arch support. 


For some reason I never liked their shoes though but love the sandals.

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I have a pair of these sandals that I love!! got mine a few years ago in a pink with zig zag stripes of other colors---have gotten alot of compliments about them and they are so very comfy on my feet. Not ugly at all