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I get where you are coming from. I have been watching them for months. Just two of us too. It is so confusing. I broke down and bought the TSV today. If I like it, I may purchase the larger cookbook. I am very curious about this appliance. We shall see.

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 Here's my thoughts on air fryers in general. Even though Eric is pedaling hard to convince you that it's some how better than a convection oven it's not. It's a convection oven. a tiny convection oven. I'm sure it's a handy appliance to have but if I were to purchase one I would want the most powerful and the largest because I don't want limitations. I personally picked up the countertop oven last week because it's a convection oven! But it does other things too. I cleared off a lot of counter space picking up that oven and the evine TTV from the same day!



Side note. Eric pulled a meatloaf out of one of the air fryers and said this will be feed four people! Then he pulled a pizza that filled the entire basket out of another and said this is for one person maybe too if it's an appetizer?! Bottom line is that he's a salesman.

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@Julius Seizure  I've seen them on sale at Walmart under $70. 

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@Mollie wrote:

Lots of different air flyers...what is the difference, which do you like best? Meredith's Cook's Essential Air Flyer, Emerils Air Flyer, this Power Air Fryer XL, Philip's Air Flyer, and lots more brands. Many sites rated the Philip's the best. Do you use yours or will it sit in the pantry with your pressure cooker, ice cream maker, electric skillet, waffle iron, panini maker, and all the other small appliances?

So true, but funny. I've been pretty good about not buying small kitchen appliances I don't need. I don't have a pressure cooker, electric skillet (anymore), or panini maker or others Qvc has been peddling like the perfect rice cooker. I did return the copper frying pan as a TSV last time, mine the finish was flaking off. I hope this fryer works out.

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I think every company that ever made a small appliance has an air fryer on the market.  Go look on Amazon at the number available, it boggles the mind.  How would one ever make a selection?  Easy.... You pick the prettiest color. 

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@SHOPR Where did you get yours with 15% off? What brand please?
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@Andreatoo, I buy a 14 inch pizza to serve 3 people. I've never in my life needed a 14 inch meatloaf. It's perfectly reasonable that a pizza will take up more surface area than a meatloaf.
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@imagemd  Just like any other retailer, they are giving their customers a choice.

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@kitty4me, It's the Paula Deen 5.3 qt air fryer on  I see that it is sold out at the moment. It must have aired recently.  Stock could fluctuate, though.  


I was emailed a code that has since expired, but there is another code that seems to work for me, and you can find it by googling evine coupon.  One of the top results will be Retail Me Not.  You will find it there. HTH.

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No more electric gadgets!! I have a pantry full of them. By Thanksgiving they will have an air fryer you can do a 20 lb turkey and in all the colors. Can't you just see Eric and Meredith stuffing that Thanksgiving turkey in an air fryer?