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Re: Air Fryers-Are They Worth Having?

Imho, the basket (which just sold out) would be used the most as you can just push the food around, e.g. french fries, fish sticks, etc.  I just can't imagine lining those type of foods up on separate shelves, then turning each - and I always had to turn.


When it comes to the rotisserie, realize though it's a big oven, the cavity is small.  To me, that would be a hasstle getting it in and out - especially a hot chicken!


I've never toasted in an airfryer.  I do fresh veggies e.g. brussel sprouts and carrots, for me and my furbaby, along with hot dogs - we like them blackened - delish!.  The other stuff I've cooked are fries, potstickers, etc. - frozen/premade foods.  My cousin once cooked a steak in the airfryer - they did not like the texture.  So, I've never tried fresh meats.


For large families, guess the full-size stoves with air-frying options would be ideal - though a pita to clean.  But for a small family, I'd just go with the regular, basic egg-shaped or, like I have, the Ninja grill that does a bunch of things including air fry.

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Re: Air Fryers-Are They Worth Having?

They're worth it if you have a place on your counter for it where you leave it there and use it often. Otherwise they might be a pita when you want to use it and have to clear a space for it just to cook a small bit. 

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Re: Air Fryers-Are They Worth Having?

OMG,YES!!!  Buy one!!   <3


I bought mine a yr ago and never used it.


I was afraid of


Then the other day I brought it out and cooked my fish in it. I microwave everything.


OMG,It was soooooo darn easy ,fast and the fish (from the Q) was sooooooooo good.


I can't wait to use it again  <3

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Re: Air Fryers-Are They Worth Having?

I hesitated buying one for over a year finally bought a Ninja 4 quart air fryer and we love it. I have used it almost every day since I purchased it. I like the size since there are only 2 of us. I used it on Thanksgiving day to air fry a turkey roast it was perfect skin was crsipy meat was tender and juicy, best turkey i have had in 2 decades. I use it for vegatables, hamburgers, meatloaf, chiken breasts and fish. My husband uses it to make himself a few cookies or cinnamon rolls and french fries and pizza rolls he loves it and I love the clean up so easy. I love the drawer kind not the TSV racks to big, to much for what we would use it for hope this helps.


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Re: Air Fryers-Are They Worth Having?

Yes, potentially a great addition, depending on the kitchen and the cook. Only way to know is to try it. However, I just spotted a similar model from the Instant Pot brand at M---'s department store for $89. I already have a small countertop oven and a small air fryer, but that big air fryer would probably replace both.

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Re: Air Fryers-Are They Worth Having?

I have the Paula Deen 8.5 qt basket-type air fryer that was sold on Shop HQ (or whatever it's called now).  We love it.  I only use it once or twice a week (if that), but if it died, I would have to get another large air fryer in a heartbeat.  I do leave it on the counter all the time as it is large.  My husband is a tall/big man, and he can eat a lot.  I cook a whole bag of French fries in my air fryer and love that it is big enough that I can shake and/or turn things easily.  Heating up leftover pizza is just the best.  We also eat convenience foods occasionally, and it does an amazing job on frozen egg rolls, taquitos, fish, etc.  I use it to quickly cook frozen cheese toast, ciabatta bread, etc.  As far as homemade things go, I use it for a delicious asparagus recipe I have as well as homemade salmon cakes.