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I was going to start a thread about this a week ago.  I think I would really like one IF they really work.  I would like any and all opinions about owning one of these.  Do they really clean or are they more trouble than they are worth?


Does this look like a good one that they are offering today and what about the price?


Any comments would be welcome.  TIA

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There was a thread about this not that long ago and most of us love our Roombas if I recall. We got ours a year ago from QVC, I think this is a more updated model. 

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I have the i6+ with the self emptying base. That one runs about $600 (my Dad gave it to me as a gift, and other than a car it's my favorite gift he ever got me) I Love it. It has freed up so much time for me, I just tell it which room(s) I want it to do, when to do it and how often. I do it all from my phone, if it fills up while running it zooms back to home and dumps itself in its back tank, then goes back to wherever it was until it finishes. It does a great job on all my different floors and I have three dogs so I run it often.

I do think if I didn't have the self emptying model I would be annoyed having to empty it myself, I don't think it's bin is very large so I assume you may have to do it several times each time you run it.

if that doesn't bother you, it seems like the TSV is a great price for this model. I'm even wondering if I got it as a spare, would it pair with my base or does it need something else to self empty.

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My MIL has a Roomba.  I have a Shark.  Mine is quieter and cleans better.  I like it so much, I have 3.  One for every level of my home. 

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I had a Roomba and I guess it depends on everyone's own needs and so forth.  I had two cats, one of which was a very-long-haired Persian and the other a Ragdoll, so both were very fuzzy children.  They had more fun chasing it than I did using it.  It did not work well for me but it could have been because my babies were too fuzzy.

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I love my Roomba . I run it 3-4 days a week and am amazed how much dirt it picks up.The only drawback is the hepa filter should be changed every 2 months and the side sweeping brushes should be changed at approx the same time.You can buy a set of these replacements on Amazon. I also have my Shark upright  and love that because the filters are washable.I am happy I bought the Roomba because it vacuums under beds and saves my back

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Not for me..........I have too much "stuff" standing around.   (I even keep my phone in a restaurant-style ice bucket next to the sofa.)

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@tends2dogs  They really work!!!  We've had our Roomba for YEARS... I forget how many years - maybe 15?  So, it's an older model, obviously.  A couple parts had to be replaced and my husband easily found those.  What I DON'T like about the TSV are the brushes - they are rubber.  The brushes on ours are very different.  I'm not sure how to describe them - kind of like hair brushes?  We tried a newer Roomba several years ago and it also had the rubber brushes.  The dog hair got tangled in them and it wouldn't work well.  We returned it and then bought the parts for our old Roomba!



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When Roombas first came out I thought they sounded great!...except for the fact that I have too many openings & steps to contend with.  So when I finally did get one several years ago they came out with a model that can sense steps and other obstacles.


I love my Roomba and it does a great job!  However, they have since come out with models that do more...I wish for example that mine didn't have to be emptied every time but they now have a model that does that!  I also wish that they didn't randomly glide across a room but instead followed a pattern so all dirt & dust would be picked up.  From what I understand they have a model that does that too!


I'm not interested in the TSV so maybe it has those newer features.  If it does I think it's probably great vacuum!

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@ScrapHappy wrote:

My MIL has a Roomba.  I have a Shark.  Mine is quieter and cleans better.  I like it so much, I have 3.  One for every level of my home. 


@ScrapHappy, et. al., I appreciate your review! I already have a Shark picked out for my DD.