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I just went to purchase the 8 Greens TSV PRESALE on autodelivery and it's SOLD OUT ALREADY?
This hasn't even been presented yet, has it? It's presale.
Will auto delivery be offered on the actual TSV day ?

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They just say that. It will be available when the day comes. I know that from expierience.

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Try again's available now.

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Ok, I just ordered them on auto delivery and here's what appears to be the case:

You can order them on the "Auto Delivery" icon, within the TSV "Hottest Deals" area, but if you click  the single shipment icon, even though there is an auto delivery option, it states that it's sold out. (Does that make sense?)
Probably a coding error within the site.
If you are trying to order auto delivery, just be sure that you click on the TSV Picture that states Auto Delivery within the title.


Thanks everyone!

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Unless Andrew develops a Greens drink, I am passing on it.   Are the antioxidants standardized ?

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not worth it. bought it several years ago and used it once and said never again one of the

worst purchases i ever made

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Not worth the money.

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I was reading the reviews and it was not good. They had 29 five stars and 26 one stars. The average was 3.2.  This would not encourage me to buy it.

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The reviews on Amazon on this product are very good. I am going to give it a try as I don't get my veggies in and as for the effect of the Sorbitol, it may be a help to my sluggish system. Looking forward to good results, ordered on AD and if not can always return.