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Re: $70 NIS for Gummies?????

"NO sugar!!!" ..."DR" Gundy cries, holding up a caduceus labeled tub of gumdrops.


"Healthy!!!!" is is folks....


ORDINARY table sugar (which is 100% natural) has 16 calories per ONE Tsp, 4.2 grams of Carb for one tsp.


This stuff?


2 gummies, 5 grams of carb, 10 calories.


MORE Carb per serving, and just 6 calories less than a teaspoon of sugar. About the calories you'd use to chew this stuff.



Hint: Eat the teaspoon of sugar, which is REAL food, on a piece of real fruit or veggie slices, and skip this gimmick.


PS:  These gummies have Maltitol SYRUP which is:


"Maltitol syrup, a hydrogenated starch hydrolysate, is produced by hydrogenating corn syrup, a mixture of carbohydrates produced from the hydrolysis of starch."


"Hydrogenated vegetable oils' trans fats have been shown to harm heart health. Studies reveal that trans fats can increase levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol while decreasing good HDL (good) cholesterol, both of which are risk factors for heart disease"


Starch, along with sugar and fiber is.....carbohydrate.


Aren't we supposed to AVOID hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated foods?!?!?


Who knows what that powdered colored stuff is supposed to be? Fibbing about sugar makes me wonder what IS that stuff? 



O well.


There IS the pretty color and that caduceus on the there's that.


To paraphrase that famous scene in "The Godfather"...."Take the REAL FOOD, leave the gummies..."

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Re: $70 NIS for Gummies?????

I didn't even bother (and won't) watching the presentation.  So I don't even know what the so-called doctor looks like.


After reading all these comments, I say a fool and his money are often parted.  Heard that so many times growing up.  Well, it fits here. Cat Mad

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Re: $70 NIS for Gummies?????

@PamHeet wrote:
Can I just pipe in with a peeve of mine. I hate it when people like this go on about all the “sugar” in fruits, as though it’s actually unhealthy to eat them. C’mon people. Eat a little too much off the fruit tray and then go out and cram down a full sized candy bar. Tell me the after-effects of each. They are NOT the same.

If you are diabetic, sugar in fruits and candy have the same effect  on your blood sugar.  It makes no difference.  Simple carbs are  the same for both items.

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Re: $70 NIS for Gummies?????

[ Edited ]

Not a lot of nutrient "Bang For Your Buck!"  


Just a little bit of this...... and a little bit of that!


240 mg of the "Polyphenol Blend."  What does this break each of the listed nutrients down into as far as mg or mcg? It lists ten individual roots or powders, but doesn't list the standardization (i.e. 10:1). Granted, there are some important and valuable ingredients, but what are you really getting?  When I take turmeric for example, I know the exact mg that I am actually consuming.


Vitamin D, which seems to be the main player here, is only 1,600 IU per TWO gummies. D3 is very inexpensive, even when in a capsule (not tablet).




Thank you Andrew Lessman for your quality, labeling, and journal verified research!

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Re: $70 NIS for Gummies?????

Certainly can buy quality vitamins at many places for less....last night Rick kept popping those gummies in his mouth just like my grandchildren do with gummy bears ha....

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Re: $70 NIS for Gummies?????




I noticed this too.....I think he was subliminally indicating that it's no different than CANDY!!!



No matter what you think of Rick,he does appear to take care of and work on his health...he is really fit for I doubt he stuffs himself with this stuff in "real life"...

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Re: $70 NIS for Gummies?????

@gigy  I would choke to death knowing trying to swallow the gummy knowing the cost alone.  

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Re: $70 NIS for Gummies?????

@elated wrote:

These people that sell gummies might as well sell chewing gum. Andrew Lessman would never sell these type of vitamins (so called). Save your money and buy good vitamins.

@elated  You took the words out of my mouth.  AL always has said...  Gummies are candy,  no matter how you market them!   I agree...  buy good quality vits and supplement with added fruits and vegs when you can.

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Re: $70 NIS for Gummies?????

I read one of his books from the library. I won’t give him any of my money. I don’t know where he gets his “research” from. Tomatoes and legumes are bad for you SMH.
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Re: $70 NIS for Gummies?????

Some TV doctors are grifters.