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Me being me I want it in every color except for the purple. I’m being good but it’s killing me. I don’t know why I torture myself watching the Q.
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Frankly, I don't care what the tsv is, I'm just really tired of KG, her clothes and her voice and whole demeanor.  There's just too much of her.  

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the color is beautiful on Kim..  Jayne looks beautiful in her sweater also.. I kind of like the plaid..  


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Passing, can't do sweaters, I run too hot as it is. Cat Wink

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One host this morning insinuated that these were all new color ways & it was probably the last presentation for the day, they'll say anything to sell sell sell

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I can see all the reviews. You can also select lowest to highest and they are there, not just 3 negative reviews. Maybe it's the device you're on.

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I have purchased many as is items. All have arrived nicely folded, clean, like new.  I believe some haven't even been tried on, let alone worn.  I can immediately tell whether I like an item or not.  have found a company that sells overstock of QVC and sell it for a fraction of the price.  Great experience so far & my closet is full.

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@ruthbe This week in Ill,our Temps are suppose to top 100.Dreading this big time.I have to turn down air to 65 when going to bed.My bedroom is upstairs and can get mighty warm.So yes,I have a hard time thinking about purchasing sweaters also