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Shoes,shoes everywhere. I call it the shoe channel.

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ITA, they are cute however but how many pairs of sandals can someone own?  I have many and most summers I don't even get to wear them all.   I am in northeast though and our summers are not very long.  Guess it's good for our warm climate girls!

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EAsy pass for me.   I don't like them at all.  The top strap placement cuts off the ankle and not attractive to the leg IMO

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@Group 5 minus 1    KInd of funny you started this thread which I assume is a complaint.  I hadn't even looked at the TSV until I saw your post, mostly because I really don't want to buy much of anything.  I do my best at not buying when I don't even look!


But -  I actually have been looking for a pair of blue sandals locally.  No success.  I can't wear heels nor can I wear a sandal with a closed toe or even with a thong (my bunion-deformed foot determines that)


Anyway-  I will take another look at the TSV and hope my color and size still exist.  Timing isn't critical -  I'm in southern Florida -  sandals are 12 month a year footwear for me. 

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They seem to be popular. I don’t find them attractive. That contrast print on the ankle strap is sort of weird.
Enjoy if u bought.
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I like them but they are like the 25 pairs of Earth suede sandals that I own in every color of the rainbow....some in duplicates.  And I bought leather sandals from HSN on a steep discount last week.  All of the QVC Tsv's seem to be Bermuda shorts or sandals lately. 

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Re: 6-20-22 TSV

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Just my opinion, I think they are so unattractive on, even the models looked bad in them and Jennifer Coffey had them on and I thought they made her ankles look large, which she don't have large ankles, looked horrible to me. I am speaking of the Clarks TSV today.