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I like this dress in blue. I don't mind the length. The measurements make me think the swing will be a bit too much on me though. I'd definitely try one on in a store. The cost and ship date are keeping me from ordering this one. I know there are similar dresses for less out in local stores that I can get sooner. 

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Please do not describe this as an elbow sleeve, Jen, it is not. It is a short sleeve.

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I'm not sure why there is no discussion of waiting an entire month before it even ships. This is so ridiculous and it's only on the mobile app where it says that. They aren't forthcoming in presentations? What the blank is wrong with QVC. I would never buy anything waiting that long to get it.
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Really cute summer dress, but the Petites and the Talls were left out. I think la TSV should be for everyone. Was surprised Isaac went along with this. 

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The darker prints choices would be nice in Fall/Winter, worn with tights/lightweight slim leggings.






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Muffin.,; ...the ship date is July 17....that's a month the time a customer would receive the item it would be at least a week later..or more ..depending on where you live....I think this is what has hurt the sales. ....the dress is cute. ....Nice fabric ... other then the me the other colors as more for spring and summer...