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I guess some people will buy but I really have a hard time buying the concept. I bought two very expensive
Vacuums from Dyson and also have their big floor fan and the smaller heater/fan combo. In my opinion The vacuums aren’t as good as the Shark. The large fan is the only thing I like and I spent $300 for it.
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I totally agree.  $400.00  OMG.  I could never substantiat that one.


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Most don't need a hair dryer like that so it's not for everyone.  Those that have thicker hair and take a long time styling their hair would definitely find it quite useful since it cuts down drying and styling time. Women like me who rarely use a hair dryer except for a few quick minutes if it isn't dry after putting on makeup would have no use for it.  It's great that we all have many choices.

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My friends who have great hair have great hair whether they use a $400 blower or a $12 blower.  No expensive piece of equipment is going to make my scalp sprout new, thick, lustrous hair.  Great hair wasn’t in my genes.  Just okay hair was.

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I actually did try it last year but returned it.  For the price it did nothing special for my hair and saved no time during drying.  IMO it is way over-priced.

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Apparently I'm in the minority on this thread.  I purchased the Dyson hair dryer when it was a TSV earlier this year and absolutely love it.  I have curly hair, so I use the diffuser and it really adds a ton of volume to my hair vs. air drying, I think it was $400 well spent.


My TSV came with an Aquis hair towel, but I would much prefer the Aquis hair turban.  Maybe they'll sell it separately at some point.

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It's not a purchase I could justify.  But I do have a pricey dryer (paid about $120), and I love it.  It does make a difference, even though I have thin hair.  For those who can afford this and for whom it works, wonderful.  


I have to wonder if there are enough buyers to justify this as a TSV, though.  That said, QVC does it's research, and expects it to be a worthwhile use of air time.

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$12.00 hair dryer.......blows hot air to dry your hair.


$400.00 hair dryer.............blows hot air to dry your hair.



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My hair is really short.  A blow-dryer (cost $20 in CVS) on cool takes about 3 minutes.  It takes about 10 minutes to air dry.  I only use the dryer if I'm in a hurry.

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@SurferWife You are not in the minority, which is why they keep selling it at that cost point. Heart


I know several gals in my circle of friends who have purchased it. They don't want to post about it because they don't care to have people judging them for how they spend their money, nor read posts about how they could have the same thing for $10 from Walmart. Smiley Happy


One of my friends laughed and said "if all I wanted was hot air, I could just open my (her) mouth"! She said it does wonders for her hair and was money well spent. And I must admit, her hair DOES look more manageable and groomed when I see her after her blowout. 


If my hair was longer, I would have purchased by now too. But my pixie style cut doesn't even require a hairdryer until it gets close to haircut time. I'd say 95% of the time, my hair air dries in a few minutes while I am putting my makeup on.


Do you use it on Toby too?