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I like it as a pair of pj's.  Would not wear it out and about.  

I found something very similar at for $34 and free shipping.  

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@sherrikay wrote:

ive looked at walmart befores and have never found any joggers simular.what is the brand name,do you know?

The brand is called Secret Treasures.

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@icezeus wrote:

@taja123 wrote:

I'll pass. They look just like pj's. And then they have a cardigan to go with them, and the cardigan looks like a bathrobe. 


And the shoes they're wearing was a tsv, and look like bath slippers. 


I actually laughed out loud at all three of your statements. Those were my exact sentiments while watching the show with Jen Last night. 

@alohakz I don't mind a little attention when out but not that much. Smiley Happy

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These have good reviews. Wonder how they got them so fast, mine are still processing.

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Yeah mine just shipped. I'm thinking I should have got the medium but I ordered the small.
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Re: 3/22 koolaburra tsv???

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I was just reading the reviews, they were all good.  Mine went from advanced order to processing.  It is crazy that it takes this long.

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I will be sending mine back the petite size is supposed to be 27" length and they measure 30". I guess people in china can't read a tape measure.