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Re: 3/13 romper swimwear tsv

Well, I was on the fence with this suit. I ordered it - then read reviews and cancelled my order. Watched another presentation of it and ordered it again in the solid black - then cancelled again.  It's kind of cute, but, that high neck does seem a little odd on a suit. Hmmmm.....I am so indecisive!!! LOL!!!

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Re: 3/13 romper swimwear tsv


I recently discovered a swimwear store called Grand Tropics. they have like the absolute best swimsuits with all types of styles you want....they have never failed me yet.

they have bikinis and monokinis, with full coverage, and less coverage. i love them. and they have reasonable prices. but shipping takes about 2 1/2 weeks because they say due to high demand. you should check it out