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Hi, does anyone know what this might be? thanks

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A set of four vintage glitter candles. No other info. I can't wait to see what they look like. 

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Yuck! I love Luminara and own a  lot, but I hate glitter and glitter hates me. LOL! 

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I had a couple luminara glitter candles I got as lunch time specials.  I didn't care for them and moved them on.  I wonder what makes them vintage.

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I thought they were going to be the very large candles that sold out last time.  They were the huge ones.


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5" for $89.96 for set of 4 or 7" for $99.96 for set of 4 with remotes. Comes in blue, champagne, chocolate, green, ivory or red.










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I wish they'd make a variety set so we can have a collection without having to buy 4 sets.  I know that's not how sales go but it would be a nice option. 

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I'm not in the loop when it comes to these battery operated candles but this seems like so much money to me.  $100.00 for 4 candles?

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They have got to be kidding!!!!!!!!!  $100 + S/H!!!  NOT!

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I am in trouble.  I love these candles!   Someone hide my checkbook from me. LOL