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Temptations basketweave dish set

I ordered this dish set and hate it. Small plates are so small they are useless. No coffee cups. Parfait cups instead. Who uses parfait cups everyday? Who doesn't want cups with their dish set? They don't fit very well in my diswasher. I ordered 2 sets!
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Re: Temptations basketweave dish set



I had these on my "wish list" and exactly the reasons you state and others who left reviews is why I didn't order!  

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Re: Temptations basketweave dish set

Didn't they state exactly what type of pieces were included in the set?


It should have been shown on air or shown and written online.

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Re: Temptations basketweave dish set

It was stated and she also gave a reason why there was no cups included in that set. She stated the first time she presented that some people had enough mugs and she developed something different.\. She always stack the dishes inside of each other so you have visiual look of how they would look in a place setting. They do give the size and the ounces of things.I know she can't please everyone, but if you don't like a product send it back and move on, some bad reviews on somethings are repeated on this forum over and over.