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When will you bring back the large sets of temptations baking dishes with trivets and metal baskets and also with mixing bowls, all of these with plastic covers.    I want to buy for my daughter and daughter in law and can't find sets of temptations anywhere!  Please, please bring back a show with large sets. 

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Re: Temptations bakeware sets

have you had good results with Temptations bakeware....there have been alot of people saying they've had their bakeware crack when in the oven......if i was going to buy a set of bakeware for my family, i'd buy corningware....jmo....

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Re: Temptations bakeware sets



I have these & most of the time I'm afraid to use them. Too many reports of them breaking in the oven. They have what I believe they call crazing inside.  I mostly use for serving but wish I'd never bought them. 

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Re: Temptations bakeware sets

I own many pieces and sets of Temptations, as I have been collecting it since around 2008. I've never had any experience with it breaking in the oven, but I have had some with crazing. However not enough that it has affected the performance in any way. I threw away an old piece recently, only because of the amount of crazing over the years, so I still highly recommend it.😊



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