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Temp-tations Summer Shells

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When I first started with QVC I bought these two pieces, and then I never saw that pattern again. I really liked it. 


Did anyone else get this way back?



Now I'm looking at one of my other favorites- Harvest. The pattern is different, and of course I like the older version better!


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Re: Temp-tations Summer Shells

I didn't get it but I do remember it. I really liked it then and I still do. I have shelves full ot Temp-tations. I really like the boofetti!

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Re: Temp-tations Summer Shells

I have both pieces and used them just last weekend.

I  miss the pretty Summer pieces.

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Re: Temp-tations Summer Shells

I did! Still have it. Never saw it again either. Just as well...I have enough Temptations. All that I have I use, but don't need anything more. ( I also have a lot of my mom's Polish stoneware that I stoneware!)


But I do love this seashell set, still. 🐚