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I agree many of my pieces cracked in oven also  Never placed cold dish in oven never in dishwasher !! Quality has gone down hill I have original solid color temptation 9X13  with rattan racks still pretty , no cracks etc use a lot  Crazy a piece over 15 years old still in tack newer pieces broken...  Saving my money

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This is unbelievable. All my bake pans are severely cracked, still usable but cracked. Will not buy any more, and I raved about these things when I first got them. I wish I can contact Tara, I really want a refund. Hear that QVC!



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Wow now I wish I hadn't bought them,I've got two complet sets of dishes,plus sets of bowls so you know I've spent a good amount of money I bought these over two years ago,they're still in the box never used, the reasons being that not long after ,my husband passed away I had to move I just couldn't pay my house payments on my own ,

l've been staying with relatives and there is no reason to take them out,

so not I've got something I've never used,,and be scared to use 

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I totally agree that the older Temptation baking items have held up beautifully. I just started collecting the black floral lace basketweave pattern and can’t get enough. But I don’t need anymore knick-knacks. Really wanted to use them.😉

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I bought the countertop oven set. So happy to have this set of small sizes! However: 

--the wire rack was warped and didn't fit into the rectangular baker

--the ceramic insert for steaming broke in half the forst time I used it

--the egg poacher didn't cook the eggs evenly and was impossible to clean even with a ton of butter 

--the rectangular lid-it also developed a huge crack the first time I used it


Now I have the rectangular baker, the round baker and the plastic microwave cover. Which are pretty expensive as they are the only things left.


BTW, I have other TT, and know how to use it correctly.


So, I'm done, too.