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too large jennifer leferver spoiler

WHAT A SAD END TO HER STORY. SHE DID EVERYTHING SHE WAS ASKED TO DO...LOST THE WEIGHT RIGHT AWAY TO QUALIFY FOR SURGERY.....AND THAN THIS.......Her son was an oustanding human being....oh how lucky whoever marries him will be.

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Re: too large jennifer leferver spoiler

It was very sad and depressing. Her son and husband really loved her and it must have been so hard for them to lose her. However she abused her body for many years prior to her success. 






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Re: too large jennifer leferver spoiler

@catlover7777 This was a very emotional show for some reason.  It was sad that she was able to lose the weight after being bedridden from a severe wreck, have weight loss surgery then die from sepsis.  My mother passed from sepsis but she had numerous heart and kidney issues.

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Re: too large jennifer leferver spoiler

We watched this episode and am enjoying this new show "Too Large" because it's only an hour and it doesn't drag on too long.


The ending; however, very sad indeed.  It was obvious how much love her husband and son had for her and the fact that she did lose the weight and had no excuses was unusual in comparison to others.


Not an ending neither of us expected.

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Re: too large jennifer leferver spoiler

Oh wow, I just saw that, too. I was shocked by the end.

I hope her husband and son are handling their loss okay knowing it will take time.

She had such an outgoing personality. What a loss.