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this is us is back next tuesday night. cant wait.

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I love this show - can't wait for it to start again.

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I loved this show at first.  The more I watched, the more I saw a bunch of self-involved, whining, "I was treated so badly" people.  

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I only like some of the characters-Kate and Jack. And it seems there is always so much angst!

Like I need more angst-not!

Still, I keep watching to find out what happens but it does get annoying.

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@twinsister   YEP twin, we are so much alike!!!  LOL   I too can not wait for this show to start.

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Can't wait for it to begin again!!  I just binge watched the first season to refresh my mind ~

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i cannot wait for season two!

i was hoping that the show would receive more emmys, but it was wonderful when sterling k brown won.


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