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"Twilight" movies

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Watched a couple these till I fell asleep last night.

Never read anything on here about these movies, and I read the books first too. 

So, I see they get repeated a lot on regular t.v. does anyone watch them when they're on? I can't believe how much "Bella" changed over the years.  She truly when all made up was very pretty.  


Haven't seen her yet in the Diana movie but I will when it comes on.  


2008 Kristin Stewart, Wow, that really spread out over time. 



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I watched them during pandemic lockdown.  Loved most of them. Though not related, other than vampire fantasy, I also loved the Sookie Stackhouse series of vampire/human books. I think that's what got me  started. 

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I love the "Twilight" movies!!!!! I watch them all the time, and I agree with you that Bella really emerged at the end and looked really pretty. I still think she is that way. When she is dressed down, and just casual she looks ok-nothing special. But when she is made up and dressed up, she can really be quite pretty!


My favorite of the series were the 1st one and the last 2....I never read the books though, my daughters love these movies as well.  

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@qualitygal I don't know why I loved reading the books so much! They aren't great books, but the story hooked me & they were just fun reads.

I watch the movies whenever I need something on to keep me company, but that doesn't need my full attention.

And, if I watch the first one I have to move on & watch all of them. Not in one day, but I have to finish the story!

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So funny, I kind of forgot about the Twilight series.  I remember I was still working at the time when they first came out.  All the girls in the office were totally into it.  I really didn't have an interest but they finally talked me into reading the books, then watching the movies.  I remember my son was still in college and he was working part time at Blockbuster video (another blast from the past) and would bring me home the DVD to watch. 

Of course he told me he had to hide it from his co workers because it was considered a total chick flick, LOL........oh, he said,  the things I do for you mom Smiley Happy


It was geared toward teens but I think the moms got more of a kick out of it!

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@qualitygal  I havn't seen any of the movies, but recently bought the set of five for $5+.  When the first came out, DD and her friends went crazy over it.

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My friend I eat with about 4 or 5 times a week has watched all of them more times than I can count.

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love the movies watch every time I see thete on even though I saved it when DVRD it !    The love story is so sweet between Bella and Edward!   I think that they were dating throughout the movies added so much believability to there on air relationship.  Bella is my favorite name 

ever !