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Well, shades of Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader! Did you ever expect that if anyone asked bestselling novelist Richard Castle, "Who's your daddy?" that the answer would be a 00-70-something-year-old covert operative?

That was so much fun! Totally loved James Brolin as Castle's long-lost dad. Brolin's one of those actors like Sam Elliott and Barry Bostwick, who just get better looking with age. I'd love to see Brolin in a project with his son, Josh and maybe even with Barbra Streisand, too.

That was a beautifully written, acted and directed episode of CASTLE. What a way to wrap up the two-parter, "Hunt," focusing on Castle's frantic search for his kidnapped daughter. Funny lines: the reference to Liam Neeson's film, Taken and Ashley Judd's failed TV series, MISSING.

I wasn't a CASTLE fan from the beginning, but I'm trying to catch up with off-net syndicated reruns each weekend and on TNT a few times each week. Since Castle's mother, Martha, is so flamboyant, I'd just figured she'd divorced Richard's father to pursue her acting career. I didn't know that Richard was the result of a one-night tryst (truly a case of "The Spy Who Loved Me.")