Who knows whether someone, hearing the Ave on an Amazon commercial, is moved to seek out additional prayerful music that eventually inspires something more? Who knows if some lapsed Catholic heard that commercial and was thrown into a memory of religious beauty and was moved to attend Mass that weekend (possibly initiating a full-on return to the sacraments)?

We do not know all the ways the Holy Spirit can use the Amazon ad to serve God’s own purposes. But rather than clucking about it in vain, we can pray that something wonderful happens—in the lives of many—because a beautiful prayer was unleashed into a distracted, overbusy, increasingly secularist world.

We should not unintentionally suggest that our God too small, too weak, to handle what human beings can devise. We shouldn’t, even with the best of intentions, permit the world to ever, ever perceive of Mary of Nazareth as anything but strong, resolute, and accessible. And we should never, no matter how much we think we’re doing the right thing, insult the Holy Spirit by acting like any event is beyond the Spirit’s use for the purposes of God’s plan for our salvation, collectively and individually.

Really, Amazon has just told the world that the one who quickly acted to removed himself from the busy, Marthaesque world and settled into a beautiful prayer has, like Mary, made “the better choice” (Luke 10:42).

How in the world could Catholics ever argue against that?