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Glad to see it back.

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I don't mind the political stuff too much.  Allen is good at playing guys who aren't too bright, so the dialogue makes sense I suppose for that character.


I watched the one-hour episode (BTW, next week is also a one-hour episode) and it was ok but, to tell the truth, I don't even remember much of what happened and I just watched it last night.


I'll probably keep watching the show but if it goes away again I won't give that much mind.   Smiley Happy

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I will be intertested to learn about the viewership ratings.

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I'm a supporter & I like the has funny digs for both sides. The comment that the Tim Allen character is a dumb guy & that's why he believes what he does is so dismissive. I think most people have conseverative & liberal viewpoints based on the subject matter & can laugh at themselves. The show is funny & not one sided, that's why I watch.

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I don't watch. I tried the first season, but it feels like Home Improvement 2.0 and there's nothing new or different. I like the actors involved, especially Hector Elizondo, but it just feels stale.


I'm just not really a fan of "dad is a big dumb dumb" comedies. Sorry, but everybody does not love Raymond, or Tim Taylor / Mike Baxter.


I liked Tim Allen better as Buzz Lightyear or Santa.

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i have a gf who is always telling me i should check it out.  the other night i watched a few shows for the first time.  i thought it was really funny and will definitely watch more. 

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I've always liked Tim Allen. 


This new season, however, is starting out on a low point.


I'm not thrilled with Jay Leno and was disappointed to see him again.


The show worked better with Eve as a regular and the former Mandy.


I'm also irked often by Vanessa. I think her earlier role as the geologist should have stayed; now she drinks and makes dumb puns.  I find her character not so bright at times considering her background.


As far as the political remarks, there are plenty of shows that offer up a lot, and I do mean a lot, for the opposite side.


It's a shame that his character is considered "dumb" just because one does not agree with his views.  I wonder if he feels crowded in that basket, ya know?

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I removed my season pass at the end of last season.


I loved this show.  No having the original Mandy was a big change, but I hung in there.  They keep adding in more characters to try to get it back to what it once was, but the exchange student is annoying and I never cared for the episodes with Jay Leno.


The politics doesn't bother me.  It was always smart/funny/true and it made me laugh.



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I love the show and Tim Allen. Not sure how well it will do on Thursday nights instead of Fridays.

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@elated wrote:

@lmtep wrote:

@elated wrote:

I have to disagree. I really liked the show. I find Tim Allen very funny. What was not to like? It is a comedy and they have a good casts and the writing on the show is good. Not sure what you didn't like.

That's obvious.  If you have strong political views and prefer listening to only your own, then ...

Tell me what comedy show does not have political comments. 

The Unicorn, Single Parents, Mom, Bob Loves Abishola, Carol's second act.  I have never heard any political stuff I may be wrong?  I  loved Tim Allen in his other sit com, home improvement.  Maybe I expected him to be the same type of character?  Anyway tried to watch Last Man Standing a few years ago.  Just didn't like it..