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Delighted that this show is back!  The new "Mandy" will find her niche and we'll all eventually get used to her in the role.  Even though most fans knew in advance, it was clever how they addressed it in the first episode.

I agree I think.  However I don’t think she played “ditsy” well enough last night.  The original Mandy and Kyle had so much ditsy chemistry, the new pairing not so much.  

Yeah, I get that.  She's the total opposite of the original, in looks.  Maybe it'll just take a little time for them to get that comedic rhythm right.  One problem, though, too, is that while "ditsy" had its charm, they have to grow up at some point.  Hence, Kyle's new, more responsible, job position.

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I guess they dropped the whole moving to Canada story line.

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