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anyone know the music scores for sabah a love story movie?

i watched on dvd a movie release named "sabah a love story", at a friend's house and the movie itself was a lovely romance about a muslim gal who falls in love with a canadian man, and they end up together. (available at amazon for purchase for anyone interested).

the music played was wonderful. stephen had an audio cd casette he played and sabah danced for him. should anyone know the name of that music please list it so i can buy that too.

i canot locate it to buy as a music cd, so if anyone is familiar with the belly dancing music played in the movie and knows the names of each song can you please post them so i can try and locate them to buy them in audio cd form?

thanks in advance........and this sabah a love story movie has it all.....romance, differences between american and muslim cultures, and many really hilarious funny moments, with great music and a lot of sensual belly dancing performed by family members, including by sabah for her stephen.

i can highly recommend it for viewing pleasure.