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@twinsister wrote:

Passed away - she had just turned 80.  I remember her in Where the Boys Are, and Light in the Piazza.  Also in Dr. Kildare where she played a surfer.  R.I.P.

Ironically i just watched her in the movie " toys in the attic" with dean martin and geraldine paige. Its a drama, always loved her

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I didn't know she'd been married to Stanley Donen (one of several of his wives).


Thanks for the news @twinsister .

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Very pretty actress who entertained me with her roles in Where the Boys Are, Time Machine, Light in the Piazza.  I still watch these movies and enjoy them.  Yvette left her mark in the entertainment world in movies which weren't huge hits but were memorable/

May she be at peace.

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Ah, she was always a favorite of mine! For some reason The Time Machine is the movie that comes to mind first when I think of her.


I just googled images of Yvette, and I don't agree that she hadn't had any "work" done.  In her more mature pics she has those poofy cheeks that come with a lot of filler to smooth out the face.  Her cheeks are not at all like that in any of her younger pictures.  In any case, I still think she was lovely.

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@shoesnbags  - You are right.  Since I wrote the post, I've seen other pictures of her with the poofy cheeks. 



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Re: Yvette Mimieux

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twinsister, we have the same memories of Yvette.  I cannot count the number of times I've seen Light in the Piazza and Where the Boys Are.  She had an airy and incandescent presence on the screen.


Didn't she have a soft spot in her heart for animals, too?  I recall her as being proactive with animal rescue.  I'll google and see.  It saddens me that her light has gone out.  May she rest in peace.


Added several hours later.  I just read a write-up about Yvette in the New York Post, and when I read about her desire for privacy, I wished that many people who crave attention these days would take a page from her playbook.  Here is some of what I read:


"She was also known to be extremely private — even in death. No services are planned for the actress, according to Deadline.


“ 'I decided I didn’t want to have a totally public life,' she said back in 1979. 'When the fan magazines started wanting to take pictures of me making sandwiches for my husband, I said ‘no.’ You know there are tribes in Africa who believe that a camera steals a little part of your soul, and in a way I think that’s true about living your private life in public. It takes something away from your relationships, it cheapens them.' ”

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I always thought she was so pretty.  Rest in Peace, Yvette.  

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Re: Yvette Mimieux

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I did not find any print material regarding Yvette and her love of animals, but I did find these photos.  A couple could be publicity stills, but she did like animals a lot.  She had a gentle being.


[I'll be "dipped," as we used to say.  When I posted the last photo below, some verbiage came along with it, and it attests to her love of animals.]

PHOTO Original C6076 Yvette Mimieux Light Piazza | eBay | Vintage movie  stars, Yvette mimieux, Vintage movies

American actress Yvette Mimieux, who appears in the film 'The Time... News  Photo - Getty Images

Yvette Mimieux With Her Dog Original Vintage Publicity Still Production  Photo | eBay



YVETTE MIMIEUX in Where The Boys Are '60 DOG SWIMSUIT SEXY LEGS | Beach  Party Movies


0 yvette mimieux with great dane and leopard | Beautiful, Vintage, Jaguar





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My favorite was "Where the Boys are" too.....