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 I always thought she looked like a living doll.

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Re: Yvette Mimieux

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Yvette was very beautiful.  RIP.



Another blonde beauty is (still is) Tuesday Weld.  I was very young and I thought (still do) she was and is very beautiful.  Saw her in person at some sort of theater/movie promotion.

I recall, at the time, her beautiful, smooth clear skin and smooth forehead.  My friends and I were mesmerized by her beauty.  Very shy, soft spoken.  


Funny thing is that I can't seem to remember her name..........Just a few days ago, I tried to recall her name and had to Google famous blonde actresses in the fifties or  sixties........

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FYI:  Prime Video is currently carrying Diamond Head.

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@FranandZoe  For rent or purchase.

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