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Why does Danny always sound like he's whispering? Saving his voice for the  "big" tour?


Isn't it time he dropped the stupid "cricket" routine?

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It's one thing after another with poor Conner.


Wait until Harrison is a few years older, he will have a list longer than

what Conner is going through. Being kidnapped, trauma, broken family,

probably doesn't even remember his real mother and craziness in that

house all the time. The doctor will then add 50 more things to the list.

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Registered: ‎04-10-2012 Niki leaves her home and goes out and drives to a bar and stays there for a few drinks then shows up at Jacks house...........................WHERE are those security teams...hhahah...omg..........a real team would have followed her, contacted old Victor and had a agent sit at the table near her watching her every move............OMG and

she is gone for hours and  Jack has to tell her to call stupid is these writers making you think Victor is?? haha.

And i can't take Niki drinking at every bump in the road...she should be signed into a med facitily...not kept

at home..........they never check up on her at the house....


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I'm so tired of Summer screaming about her "son".  Why isn't the kid's real mother ever mentioned?  Shouldn't Tara  be notified that her son is missing?  Kyle acts like she doesn't exist.


I laughed when Tracy asked Ashley if she wante! her to go with her to the doctor.  How could Tracy even consider letting Ashley go on her own??

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I hate to bring this up, but since Jordan and/or Claire are sending texts.... did anyone think to ping the cell tower and see exactly where they are? It's like forensics 101.


Did Tracfone refuse the supoena or what? Doesn't Kevin know how to trace a text? Does he not work for the GCPD?


Do I have too many brain cells left to keep watching this show? 

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@Laura14  so funny!!  


So, we are supposed to embrace the fact that Aunt J escaped AGAIN and had the funds and opportunity to purchase men's clothing and disquise and stalk the Newmans/Abbotts once again.  Loved when the "Security Guard" (using that term loosely) steppd outside a few steps  from the party and nodded that "all was OK" for Miss Perfect Claire to leave the party and get into some random ride share.  Sigh!  AND....I know someone already touched on this subject but HOW....just HOW did Aunt J. get Claire and Harrison out of the house and into the waiting delivery flower truck all by her little lonesome self?


Sorry for the caps but this is just crazy!  Of course still watching though, but may wait to watch the next episode once I start drinking this weekend.  


Oh and one more thing.....Victoria is oh so worried yet she has time to put on a fancy cashmere sweater, spiffy white slacks and diamond studd earrings as she longingly looks out the front door for her Perfect Little Claire to come home...



Cheers!  @Laura14


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@Lovepups 🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸 We call it mouthwash in the GH thread. 🤣🤣🤣


Whatever gets you through an episode! 🍾🥂🍻🍷🍺🥃🍸🍹

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We have to face it, this whole SL is dumb and dumber. Cat Frustrated


And I'm sick of everyone having a nervous breakdown, mental issues, addictions, you name it.  I thought I watched this show for entertainment!!


I never before fast-forwarded through Nikki's lines like I did today.  Actually, I barely watched the entire show, it was so bad.


Pretty soon I may start drinking myself!!  And I don't drink. Cat Surprised

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After watching next week's previews, I know what Jordan's hostages are going through. Spare me, Blanche "Ashley" Deveraux. I surrender. 

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Sharon of course has to add her two cents to the situation with Conner.


Can you imagine Victoria sitting around the house in sweats? I really 

liked her outfit today, not too often do I say that though.


This is moving too slow with this Jordan nonsense, just dragging it out.

Victor is no cop, how many plans are made and nothing stops the lunatic.


Guess Sharon will soon make her way to the Abbott's once little Harrison

is safe and sound, giving out more of her useless advice.


Next Summer will need medication, next in line right behind Ashley and

her craziness. Next week is goofy with Ashley.