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I'm still liking this show.  That kid is a great little actor. Also Annie Potts is a funny grandma.

I don't watch Big Bang anymore. They're all a little long in the tooth for the roles now. Just don't find the characters likeable. 

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I am still undecided about Young Sheldon, they have created characters who are not in the Prequel. 

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I adore Annie Potts, and Laurie Metcalf’s daughter (and Laurie Metcalf).


I do not think the kid playing Sheldon is All That.


What I don’t care for is that all the adults in the family seem way too intimidated by genius Sheldon to work on Asperger’s/autistic Sheldon. By that I mean if they’d worked on modifying his behavior from a young age, he would not be so obnoxious as an adult. They “let” him be that way without much trying to change anything, which I think is wrong, annoying, creepy...


Yes, it’s a show that was created, for entertainment, to retroactively explain adult Sheldon. It doesn’t entertain me much, it mostly frustrates me.

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I still enjoy BBT, even tho the adults are "a little long in the tooth"  and I looked forward to Young Sheldon (I love all the adult actors in it) but do not like the child actor playing Sheldon ~at all~.  Maybe @Moonchild's excellent explanation is what is driving my dislike because I can't tell you why except I simply can't watch that child!

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All the pros and cons pointed out here seem very logical to me.  What I do think is that the show has a lot of potential; it's early days right now.  I found it interesting last night to see some empathy in the obnoxious older son.  He truly was worried about his dad. Meemaw is teaching the boy genius some lessons about real life.  For example, the scene about learning to put on a "poker face" was well done, in my opinion.  Sheldon's thoughts on God; well, to be a religious person, I believe one does have to consider all the possibilities of faith.  I was holding my breath in the scene with the 14-year-old driving the car.  Comedy, suspense, larger-than- life issues-like I said, I think the show has potential.  I think I will continue to watch!

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I don't recall Sheldon ever being diagnose with any syndrome so I don't find it odd that the family did not seek any treatment for him.  Plus we are looking at him growing up in a time where such a syndrome was not identified as readily as it is today.  Keep in mind grown Sheldon is approx. 40 years old now so his formative years would not have had the knowledge we have today.  Plus he was a functioning child and not what would have been considered a "stereotypical child with autism".


As far as the actor portraying young Sheldon, I think he is fantastic.  If you have not seen grown Sheldon in BBT then you would not get the nuances, cadence of voice, etc. that this young actor has to portray.  He has some big shoes to fill to match grown Sheldon.


I still like BBT although I don't always watch as frequently as before. 

I really like Amy more for Mayim as the person she is in real life.


I could do without Penny, though.



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I coud do without Bernadette. I don't watch BB when it's about her pregnancy or baby.

 Young Sheldon has possibilities, it's not all that now but the actor playing him is.

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More Annie Potts pls - whether in this show or anywhere. Love her

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Love it, it is well done, all the actors are spot on - love Iain Armitage and the actress who plays his mom has captured her well.   I still watch BBT as I love the Amy and Sheldon storyline....some episodes are good, some, I feel, are lacking.  

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I love it!