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Was crying yesterday watching everyone find out about Neil!  ( Kristoff St John)  I saw on Instagram that Shemar Moore is coming back for today and tomorrows show.  More tears!

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So was I! So sad, yesterday, today and tomorrow. Rest in peace,

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Re: Y & R

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My eyes watered, too.  I liked Neil and I loved the person that Kristoff St. John was so I’m glad that he’s getting well deserved recognition.  If a fake character in B & B (Caroline Forrester) can get a week of airtime, why not a real person who, until he became ill, was very loyal to this show. 

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I ran across a video on Your Tube of Doug Davidson (Paul) & Victoria Rowell (Dru) paying their respects to Kristoff St. John on The Steve Harvey Show.  <<Spoiler>>  I think what Davidson said was very true-he said that when St. John lost his son he considered that to be his greatest failure and could not get out from underneath it. They also talked about St. John being on the Steve Harvey show earlier and Davidson asked Steve Harvey--how was St. John?  Steve Harvey said there was no indication that something was wrong.  I then watched that clip of St. John on the Steve Harvey Show and he was very engaged and charming.  So sad.

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Man, it was 5 hanky show today. Poor Lily my heart broke for her even though it's just a soap the way she did that right arm shaking from nerves

she done a good job.


Malcolm did a good job, too.


Be glad when we get past all this. 

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Big Sophie was gonna smother Devon and Malcolm.

Glad she didn't embrace Lily she would had smothered the life

out of her.


Wonder if they will read a will ?

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It was a very sad episode. I thought Malcolm knocked it out of the park when he gave his eulogy for Neil.


I have been watching this show since the first episode. This was one of the saddest along with Mrs. Chancellor's wake.....

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Just think what will go on when Eric Braedon dies in real life.

Be a national holiday in his honor.

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I know Eric Braden is a good actor but you could tell he was really crying.  I kept watching him and of everyone, he made me the saddest not by his words but his body language just said it all.

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This tribute was incredibly well done. I think his co-workers didn't have to do much acting when it came to the tears.