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Both suspended production till March 31st!

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It might not be too bad for the viewers since we have been so backed

up with episodes missed in January and February.


Will just have to wait and see with the soaps as well. They do film 

something like 4 to 6 weeks in advance.

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GH also suspended production until the end of the month .

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If both of these shows ended production altogether, I'm not sure how much I'd miss either one of them. Bold and Beautiful does at least occasionally have an interesting moment or two, though short lived. Young and Restless has been floundering for so long I'm not sure they're capable any longer of coming up with anything even remotely entertaining. To the extent I'm still watching Young and Restless at all, I suppose it really is a matter of long term viewer loyalty.

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If there's no shows it may be what I need to stop watching, I used to watch glued to the TV but now I go on the computer and don't pay attention anymore.