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Y&R Toni Spoiler Mar 10, Tues

Victor continues his mysterious plan to bring Jack down (and question Nikki and Neil) ... Chris plans to prosecute Phyllis tomorrow - but Kelly won't be testifying! ... Neil confesses to Devon ... Joe's not done worming his way between Dylan and Avery.

"Victor's in the confessional booth; this decades old war won't end overnight - but it will end (with Jack losing everything) Every step has been calibrated. Be patient, it will all work out."

Victor is so sadistic, gets pleasure from being cruel, it seems life taught him nothing... he is so twisted... why, it does not make sense nor nice to watch, if Braeden thinks this is entertainment

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Re: Y&R Toni Spoiler Mar 10, Tues

Well I guess Victor will never change.

Isn't Chris going at Phyllis harassment? Is Kelly going to announce she is preggars? I hope not.

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Re: Y&R Toni Spoiler Mar 10, Tues

I really want to know who Victor keeps talking to in that confessional booth!