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Up to U whether you read or ignore user. LOL

Ok, here goes.

Whoa ! Victor lowered the boom on Chelsea he gave her the heads up didn't he? LOL

"You can criticize me Chelsea, but, don't you ever and I mean don't U ever criticize my family or you will find yourself on a fast boat out of here one night"!!! She shut her pie hole after that, she may have been right, but, he wasn't having it and made sure she got the memo. Sharon , had warned her to shut up, but, she kept giving him grief on how he was a lousy father and he said wasn't his fault it was Hope's doing and it was him who paid to send him to Harvard, etc. Chelsea, kept trying to make him feel guilty, then, she made the awful mistake of saying all the members of the Newmans treated Adam like dirt, etc. That's when victor lost it and leveled her. You know you've been taken down a peg or 2 when he hollers at you. Ouch !

Don't even get me started on Victoria's new stupid idea. Just to stupid to even bring up. Billy, I'm feeling sorry for now. Didn't think that would ever happen, but, Victoria has made it possible with this latest hair brained scheme. Woman is never freakin' satisfied.