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Re: Y&R October 2017... SPOILERS!!! 🍁🎃🍂🎃

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Just watched today's storyline.  Looks like Daddy Warbucks will come to Princess Victoria's aid and B&S will not succumb!


Was wondering - I don't go way back watching this soap - but Billy mentioned Jack's sleeping with his mother the nite before their father married her.  Do you think Billy will  suddenly find out Jack's his father and not his brotherWoman Sad!  That means Phyllis hooked up with her stepson and not hubby's brother!!!!!  Please Y&R don't go there - so sick of the who's your daddy thing!


Does anyone else think Phyllis poisoned the face mask?  It seems to me she's the only one who'd benefit from B&S going down - except the viewers, of course.


Sounds awful, but I'd prefer that none of those teenagers survive the fire at Nick's club.  I'm not a mean person - just sooooo sick of them!  Frankly, don't see any point of the fire - Nick's doing well enough on his own heading towards bankruptcy - so it would seem a go way to end the teenage saga.

 @eddyandme, Jill is Billie's mother.  She and Jack had an affair behind John's back.  If Billy hadn't been SORA'd, he wouldn't be the age he's playing but still, I doubt that Jack could be his father.  At one time, Jack hated Jill for marrying his father because he thought she was a gold digger, which she was.  But she did love John.  I wasn't watching everyday then so maybe someone else can fill in details.

I remember about he time that Billy was conceived, Jill also slept with Victor & it was later supposedly proven that Billy was John's son.  If they messed with the paternity test & Billy actually WAS Victor's son, it would open the door for all sorts of ickiness with Billy now having kids with Victoria!

Which is why they won't go there, but they could have Billy turn out to be Jack's... I don't think so, though. Billy was spawned long after Jack and Jill fell down the hill... I think Jill tricked John into getting her pregnant. It seems to me he didn't want any more children, bit I could be wrong. I think they're going to get their mileage out of Graham being someone's son... Maybe he and Jack will end up being brothers... Now that's a family reunion I want to witness...

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