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"The couples kiss, but not Nick and Chelsea."


"At home, Nick learns Chelsea’s staying at Adam’s."


Awwww... poor, dense, bloated, dirty looking Numbnutz... One supposes it could all fall apart, but it appears as though Chelsea will soon be opting for the more lean, sculpted, handsome, less bristly and clean looking half brother... Hey, at least she'll actually be able to get her arms around him... and won't even need a nose plug to do so... Just sayin'... Meanwhile, loser Nick can work with Dull Devon on his charities and maybe even manage to snag a one night stand or two along the way... You know, as long as his credit card authorization clears... Once again, just sayin'...


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Not a very exciting episode. Everybody got along since Adam wasn't there to stir the poo pot it went pretty well.


I always like Victor and Nicki showing their love for each other makes me tear up what with all the stuff they have been thru.


Summer acted like she had sense. Nicki didn't have her jewels on

(wahh) belt she had on was to wide and her dress was ok. Victurdia looked like she was in mourning in that drab funeral black dress. Yep, she has to hide a pd here and there. LOL


I always like it when Chelsea pulls rank and reminds Adam that she has full legal custodian rights to the kid. Bet his peanuts curl everytime he hears her tell it like it is. Hope she keeps those rights, also.

That was strange they never showed the kids because Victor Braedon genuinely adores kids and interacts great with them. Odd.


Elenna does not want Amanda to stick around she fears Devon will

go after her eventually. That, or she doesn't want Nate to get involved with her. She was mad and left to go to the hospital. Bet that sets the stage for her to get with Nate and Devon will be with

Amanda in the long, long run

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But @sharke , when I started watching, Nikki was having a fling with Arturo. Now that Victor is ill, she isn't stepping out on him, but their marriage doesn't strike me as strong.  Maybe I don't have enough perspective to judge.


I agree with @stevieb that Nick isn't looking the greatest these days. Chelsea has good reason to move in with Adam and the boy who has a monster inside. Next, he'll need an exorcism.