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Love you too Danky....just don't overdo it.  Annabelle here.

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Re: Y&R MONDAY 26 2015

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@Danky wrote:

Hello there Jessa, java and Foxxie..........

I haven't a clue as to what is happening on Y&R so stopped in to get an update and say "I miss you" ! 

Life has been very hectic, as explained by my dearest Java, but I do think of you , my cyber friends. (This weekend is also the one year anniversary of Alex's death and we have been organizing a memorial "party".)

These next few months will be crazy but I will try to check in more frequently.

Hope you all are well and trauma free ! 

Shout out to Annabelle and Sharke, also......

Danky, glad to hear from you dear I am really busy too and I thank Foxxie for being the ambassador to this thread she is so nice to all that visit here.

Hi Annable and JESSA stay well...


Adam a had strange trial,l it seems no one is interested in solving who hit Delia...  after all who moved the body from the road and hid her in the weeds. The whole point being made is that someone moved the body and left her to die... Adam had no clue someone was even hit untii it was brought to his attention.


Anyway I understand it is not a pleasant time for you,  but I hope the holidays will be filled with joyous memories, and this is not over yet just an interruption to be resume in another realm.... 


Just remember we came from some place before we got here, and we will go on to another one somday...


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Thanks for touching base @Danky.  Speaking for myself, I'm doing well.  Stress Free?  Never, lol.  Am I coping?  You betcha.


A memorial sounds very nice.  I imagine everyone will take turns with little stories and laughter and thank Alex for the good memories.


Check in when you can.  RL is more important than these boards.

“You can’t wait until life isn’t hard anymore to be happy”. (By Nightbirde, singer of the song, It’s Ok)