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Re: 🌸🥀 Y&R JUNE 2019 SPOILERS! 🥀🌸

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Updated June 10: As listed in’s Young and Restless spoilers, Chloe Mitchell will resurface in the coming days, which means Elizabeth Hendrickson returns to Young and the Restless during the week of June 10.


On May 7, brought readers news of Mark Grossman’s debut as Adam Newman, along with Melissa Claire Egan’s Young and Restless return as Chelsea Newman. Now, Elizabeth Hendrickson posted a photo with Greg Rikaart, who is also returning to the CBS soap as Kevin Fisher, and stated, “There’s a lot of love in this picture. And a lot more to come! #daytimeemmys #actress #chloemitchell.” Given the actress used the hashtag #chloemitchell, it means she’s returning to Young and the Restless at some point during the ‘Adam’s back from the dead’ storyline. Hendrickson’s character was responsible for drugging Adam with a tranquilizer dart and presumably for the cabin explosion, which left Adam declared dead. She was last seen on Young and the Restless in February 2017 and currently plays D.A. Margaux Dawson on General Hospital but isn’t the first actress to play double-duty on two soap operas.

She finished her role on GH yesterday so I guess she's back for awhile.

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Re: 🌸🥀 Y&R JUNE 2019 SPOILERS! 🥀🌸

@Annabellethecat wrote:

I think Eric Braeden/Victor realized a long time ago he's very important to the show.  In my opinion, he's right!


Think of how long the show's been on TV.  Now think of all the people us "old-timers" (of the show) have seen come and go...  The one constant character (irreplaceable is Victor/Braeden).


I'm so late to the party (so to speak) I'm still trying to figure out how getting shot in the stomach brings back a person's memory.

@AnnabellethecatI think this show will be in trouble when they lose Eric!   Part of the comfort of soaps is tuning in to see the old characters at least to me.  I hope he stays on for a long time.  

The only consistent thing I like about DAYS right now is when they have their Victor sitting around snarking about everyone.  He's still stealing the scenes.  

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Re: 🌸🥀 Y&R JUNE 2019 SPOILERS! 🥀🌸

@AnnabellethecatMaybe Stitch is Chelsea's new man!  Smiley Very Happy

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Re: 🌸🥀 Y&R JUNE 2019 SPOILERS! 🥀🌸

@Annabellethecat wrote:


Does anyone remember hearing how long it's been since the explosion and Adam's been roving around Las Vegas?  So we're supposed to accept that Kevin's been hanging around Genoa City just waiting for Adam to show back up....he's been waiting and looking for Adam this entire time?  I have a headache.  This is just too much for my pea size brain.



@Annabellethecat  Don't you know old Kev has been hiding out in the walls of Victor's mansion with JT and Raturo all this time, just wearing his Chipmunk suit and biding his time until Adam showed back up!   Smiley Very Happy

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Re: 🌸🥀 Y&R JUNE 2019 SPOILERS! 🥀🌸

Well, all I can say is that Victor should have slapped that arrogant son of his silly when he busted in demanding he give him money for Dark Horse!


No money for Nicky-boy!  Poor Numbnutz!  Made my dayWoman Very Happy.  That's the only portion of the show I paid attention to - probably didn't miss muchWoman Frustrated.

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Re: 🌸🥀 Y&R JUNE 2019 SPOILERS! 🥀🌸

Summary for Wednesday, June 12th from


At Nick’s place, Paul shows him that someone linked footage of an empty hallway into the feed outside Phyllis’ room at the GCAC and reveals he questioned Adam.


Adam arrives at Sharon’s place and apologizes for crossing the line. He’s a mess because of Chelsea so grabbed onto Sharon emotionally. Sharon states there have to be boundaries. Adam feels lost – everyone he loves has moved on without him. Sharon says real love means sacrifice. Adam pulls her into an embrace as Rey appears. Adam goes, and Rey flips about Sharon and Adam’s constant interactions – he’s a predator and dangerous. Sharon argues she let Adam know what she thought of what he did to Nick. Rey feels she was trying not to think about Adam when they made love – he knows this feeling. Sharon protests. Rey says she’s lying to herself or to him and leaves.


At the tackhouse, Adam instructs someone on the phone to ‘keep her there and let him know if she gives them any problem’. He adds, “Chloe has a penchant for causing trouble.” Nick arrives and asks, “Where is she?” He thinks it’s a coincidence Phyllis went missing after Adam coerced her into hacking his servers. Adam counters that Nick humiliated her – who knows what he drove her to do? He hints he’s not the only Newman screwing Nick over. Nick learns Adam got the money to buy his debt from ‘Dad in a dress’. Adam fills him in on the transaction and Victoria giving him Chelsea’s number. Nick fumes that Adam brings out the worst in everyone. Later, Adam gets a text warning that other people will suffer if Adam doesn’t tell him where Chloe is.


In Chancellor Park, Victoria tells Billy she’s not ready to get back to reality yet as Billy talks about their trip to Jamaica, making love under the stars. He wonders what her family has got up to since they’ve been gone.


Christine arrives at Victor’s office and confronts him about a hurtful lawsuit he’s brought against the department. Victor hollers about her railroading his wife and daughter and letting him sit in a jail cell. Chris can’t find backers for her campaign due to his lawsuit. Victor doesn’t care and dismisses her.


Later, Victoria flashes to her deal with Adam. Nick enters and confronts her about the deal, which only hurt him. He thinks it was about her and Newman. Vikki admits it. Nick complains about being collateral damage. Victoria deserves to be CEO and won’t let Adam take that away. Nick tells her, “You can have it.” Victor appears as Nick exits. Nikki appears, followed by Nate. Victor lies he’s making a donation to the hospital. Once Victoria’s gone, Nate updates Victor – his body didn’t respond to the treatments as hoped. Nikki wants to tell the children what’s going on – if Victor won’t, she will.


At Society, Kyle joins Summer and Billy for a meeting. Summer’s not on the ball so Kyle covers. Billy steps away and Kyle asks Summer what’s going on – he assumes she had another all-nighter. Summer insists she’s fine so Kyle goes to see Lola, who agrees to come home between lunch and dinner. Lola spots Summer and asks if she’s okay. Summer is scared – they can’t find her mom. Lola knows what it’s like to worry about your mom when she’s acting sporadic. She confides her dad walked out when her mom was pregnant with her and she grew up seeing the toll it took on her. Summer says her mom feels wounded right now too. She asks about the engagement and snarks they’ll have to compare rings. Lola hopes everything’s okay with Summer’s mom.


At Crimson Lights, Christine updates Paul that she visited Victor about the lawsuit. Paul is unconcerned – the city will settle with him. Chris worries; she’s up for re-election. Paul has something to make her day better. Later, Victoria meets up with Billy and updates him on Nick being upset with her. Billy feels there’s no shame in protecting herself.


In Chancellor Park, Paul surprises Christine with a picnic. She can’t remember when she last took an hour to relax. They canoodle and Paul assures Chris everything will be fine – he believes in her and loves her. She feels smart to have married him. They kiss. Paul says they’ll always have each other.


Lola enters her apartment to find lit candles and flowers. Kyle, in a suit, wanted to do it right this time. He kneels and tells her she’s changed his life. “I’m asking you officially…” Lola stops him, removes her chef jacket, then lets him propose. She accepts, he places the ring on her finger, and they kiss.


At Nick’s place, he comforts Summer regarding Phyllis.


Next on The Young and the Restless:


Lola and Kyle share their engagement news.

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Re: 🌸🥀 Y&R JUNE 2019 SPOILERS! 🥀🌸

Young and Restless’ troubled computer whiz.


With actor Greg Rikaart back as Kevin Fisher on Young and Restless, it’s the perfect time to look back on highlights of the character’s history over the years that readers may not know, or may have forgotten. Also, watch a video of Rikaart providing commentary as he looks back on some of Kevin’s most memorable moments.


Kevin Fisher debuted on Young and Restless as an awkward young bookkeeper working at Marsino’s Gentleman’s Club.


Fisher met Lily Winters in an online teen chat room. One of his dating profiles was ‘Fishin’ For Love’. He gave the underage Lily chlamydia but wasn’t charged with statutory rape due to lack of evidence.


Colleen Carlton and JT Hellstrom’s interference in his relationship with Lily angered Kevin to the point that he locked Colleen in the industrial refrigerator in Gina’s restaurant and set the place on fire. Colleen survived, and again, Kevin avoided charges due to a lack of evidence.


Kevin Fisher was revealed to be the half-brother of Michael Baldwin. They had different fathers – Michael’s was Lowell Baldwin, and Kevin’s was ‘Terrible’ Tom Fisher, who physically and emotionally abused him, and would lock him in the closet; it was the source of his many issues.


Kevin Fisher once went on a date with his now sister-in-law, Lauren Fenmore. She agreed to attend a Valentine’s Day dance with Kevin, but it was a set-up in hopes of getting him to confess to his misdeeds. She later helped bail him out of jail and he was released into Michael’s custody.


Kevin Fisher and Michael Baldwin’s mother, Gloria Fisher, came to town after Kevin showed up at her home in Detroit and relived the nightmare of being locked in the closet. Both Kevin and Gloria moved in with Michael. Gloria met and married John Abbott.


Mackenzie Browning convinced Kevin to get psychiatric help. They bought Crimson Lights together, and she later signed a power of attorney for Kevin to run the coffeehouse when she left for New Orleans.


Kevin Fisher once worked as Katherine Chancellor’s Director of Internet Affairs.


Kevin Fisher hired Jana Hawkes to work at Crimson Lights and they fell in love, however, Jana tried to kill him. It was revealed she had a brain tumor, and after her recovery, they got back together and later married at Michael’s father’s ashram in Malibu dressed as hippies. They drove a 1969 Dodge Charger down the California coast on their honeymoon.

More: 20 Things to know about Young and Restless’ Chelsea Newman


Kevin Fisher teamed up with Amber Moore to help save Katherine Chancellor and they were captured by Clint Radison, who locked Kevin in a closet. Kevin, traumatized, began to believe Clint was Terrible Tom and was coerced into robbing banks in a chipmunk mask. Kevin ended up in a padded cell after the experience.


Kevin Fisher’s closest friend in Genoa City was Daniel Romalotti, son of Phyllis Summer and Danny Romalotti.


Kevin Fisher learned he had two half-siblings, Ryder and Daisy Callahan, who were the offspring of Terrible Tom and Lauren’s nemesis, Sheila Carter. After the duo held Jana captive at an abandoned amusement park, she suffered a brain aneurysm and woke up from surgery having lost her emotions. She became increasingly unhinged and ultimately died from another brain aneurysm while holding Kevin captive in an abandoned daycare.


Kevin Fisher once worked as a bag man for Gloria’s husband, Jeffrey Bardwell, who was laundering money and running a betting outfit from their restaurant, Gloworm.


Chloe Mitchell realized she was in love with her friend Kevin Fisher on New Year’s Eve 2010.


When Billy and Chloe’s daughter, Delia, was diagnosed with Leukemia, Kevin posed as the bone marrow donor (who was actually Billy) in a scheme devised by Victor Newman. Chloe was so grateful to Kevin for saving her daughter’s life she proposed. He accepted and later came clean about the deception.


Kevin Fisher was a no-show at his wedding to Chloe after getting caught up in a plot devised by New Jersey mobster, Angelo’s, daughter, Angelina, who wanted Kevin for herself. Kevin ended up married to Angelina, who realized her new husband was miserable and agreed to an annulment.


Kevin Fisher married Chloe Mitchell in a double ceremony with his mother, Gloria, and Jeffrey Bardwell at Gloworm. Michael was Kevin’s best man, Victoria acted as Matron of Honor for Chloe, and Katherine Chancellor officiated.


Kevin Fisher helped Phyllis Summers move the dead body of Dr. Tim Reid back to his apartment after he passed away in her home. They rolled the body up in a carpet, which Kevin later dumped. Ronan Malloy caught Kevin in the act, then participated in the cover-up.


Kevin Fisher once entered a business venture with Adam Newman called TagNGrab. Adam sold his share to Tucker McCall, who then bought out Kevin and Chloe. The situation left them financially strapped and the couple committed a string of thefts to make ends meet. Kevin sold Crimson Lights to Dylan McAvoy.

More: 25 Things to know about Y&R’s Adam Newman


Kevin Fisher worked as the Genoa City Police Department’s IT specialist who sometimes bent the rules.


Kevin Fisher signed divorce papers at Michael’s urging after Chloe left town and was admitted into a facility in California following Delia’s death.


Kevin Fisher wrote online fiction under the pen name ‘Plato-Sphere’.


Kevin Fisher, Mariah Copeland and Nick Newman saved a group of children when fire broke out at the Newman Towers during a Halloween party. Kevin and Mariah also helped solve the murders of Austin Travers and Courtney Sloane. Kevin traveled to the Middle East to rescue Lauren’s son, Scotty Grainger.


Kevin Fisher hacked into Nick Newman’s bank account and transferred funds out at Victor’s request, and later hacked into Victor’s bank account for Nikki Newman to do the same.


Kevin’s relationship with Mariah Copeland was once romantic, but both agreed the sex wasn’t good and they decided to stay friends. Kevin also crushed on computer whiz, Natalie, before reuniting with Chloe and learning Bella was his daughter. They ultimately moved to Oregon, with Chloe using the name Helen Jones after faking her death.

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Re: ?? Y&R JUNE 2019 SPOILERS! ??

So today is the big reveal with the ring for the Big Chef in G.C.


Kyle should get Little Miss Perfects ring from a bubble gum machine

and not spend more than 25 cents.


And the love story of all time goes on. 


P.S. A good day to miss the show with this nonsense on.






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Re: 🌸🥀 Y&R JUNE 2019 SPOILERS! 🥀🌸

I am so tired of hearing Nick say "My Son" to Adam over and over.


Reminds me of Lauren when she wouldn't shut up about her son,

"The Rock Star".


Also, waiting for Sharon to call Rey Adam's name during one of

their romps. Rey is on to her, she is just so dumb. Then Rey will

be packing his bags and Mommy having another talk with her




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Re: 🌸🥀 Y&R JUNE 2019 SPOILERS! 🥀🌸

Where is JT ?