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Xfinity Free Movies Week March 2022

Xfinity On Demand is having a Free Movies Week March 8-14, 2022.  Participating networks include HBO Max, Starz, epix, Showtime, Cinemax and several more.  It is labelled "Free Movies Week" but it seems that some series are also free.  For example, many series on HBO normally not free for me are free right now.  May be a short respite from reality for Xfinity customers.


One FYI:  Fans of the TV series "Ray Donovan" heads up:  The series was abruptly cancelled a couple of years ago with no finale.  Fans objected to this and a movie was made to bring some of the story lines to a conclusion.  That movie -- "Ray Donovan The Movie" is part of the Free Movies Week.

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Re: Xfinity Free Movies Week March 2022

I wanted to thank you for posting this, @JanetsGirl!

Xfinity is slow to send email notices out for these, or at least in my case -- seems like they always arrive in my inbox a couple of days after the free week began.

Thanks, again!😊

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Re: Xfinity Free Movies Week March 2022

DH and I are big Clint Eastwood fans and so we took this opportunity to watch Cry Macho.  We loved it!  It was a good, clean, heartwarming story.  Clint just keeps on rolling!  

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