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Re: Wow. Joy Duggar got married today.

 Father-in-law had 14 brothers and sisters. The samll town where he was born and grew up was full of families with numerous children born to them. 

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Re: Wow. Joy Duggar got married today.

@sissel wrote:

Anyone see The Duggar's from the beginning? They lived in a small house, some people would drop off bags of clothes, they shopped at Goodwill, sewed their dresses, no makeup & they gave themselves perms. All the girls had the same hair style. Wow, times have changed for them. JimBob got TLC money. Wonder if the kids got paid for the show and put that money into each savings account for each child. Isn't there a law that child paid actors or entertainment children ,they have to put so much away until the child reaches 18?  

Yes, sissel. I did see the first 2 specials about the duggar's. Tuned in just to see how their every day lives went about. Then I saw they were a cult. The kids all dressed the same, had the same hair cuts. The older kids raised the younger ones because the mom couldn't. She was always pregnant with the next kid. The kids were homeschooled, which is fine. But I wonder how far the girl's education went seeing as how they were considered 2nd class citizens.  They weren't allowed to have friends. No sleepovers, or any fun things like that. They could only associate with others in the cult. The parents told them what to think, how to act and speak.  My daughters watched a portion of the programs with me. They called them the "Stepford Kids", because they couldn't do anything for themselves or on their own. They were always told. The chld molestation/porn issues with the older brother, and the parents throwing the daughters under the bus to save the son just goes to show how disfunctional this family is. They all need to stay off television and get serious mental health treatment.  There is nothing to admire about this family.


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Re: Wow. Joy Duggar got married today.

In 10 to 15 years as the youngest Duggar kids get married off, I would not be surprised if 20 of them are pregnant at the same time, even different generations are expecting at the same time. Remember a few years back, Michelle was pregnant with her last while her daughter-in-law Anna was pregnant with her first.


I can see this in a couple decades:

40 something Jill is pregnant with last baby while her niece McKenzie (Josh's daughter) is expecting baby #1.

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Re: Wow. Joy Duggar got married today.

@Mellie32 wrote:

@libbyannE wrote:

Poor thing. No choices in life. I like her and wish her well, but she'll be preggers in a month or two. 

Oh no!  She'll get pregnant?  That's horrible!!


I know! She is maybe 19? No choice in life but to have baby after baby after baby. So sad.