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Re: Will & Grace

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While I thought it was funny I was disappointed that the continuity from the last episode was not there as far as Stan having died. Will and Grace being on the outs and their kids being college dorm neighbors. So just explaining away all of that was a little cheap but I still love the show and I am glad they are back on.

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I thought it was okay. The laugh track was really fake and annoying. I hated that part. The political stuff was largely as expected. I'll give it a few more weeks and see if it finds its legs. I just hope they kill the annoying laugh track.

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That was one of my favorite shows (the original).   Me and my teenage daughter used to cry we were laughing so hard!  When will they realize to leave a good thing alone??  You can never go back to the original experience of "something" movie remakes.   Why can't the writers and producers come up with something new instead of relying on the previous talents of others??  JMO

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I was disappointed...they seemed to now be too old to be acting exactly the same way. I think their lives should have changed more.

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I was disappointed.  I was not thrilled with the storyline.


I did see the show after I read a lot of negative reviews.