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Did you enjoy the show? I did but for me the audience laughter kind of interferes with the flow of the humor. I think Jack has perfect timing! Didn't think Grace was as good as usual but Will was great as was Karen.

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My praise for this reboot was lukewarm. Some cute moments, but seemed to be trying too hard and was a bit of a one trick pony with all the obvious political 'humor'. The laugh track was grossly annoying. Will give it a few more outings to see how it unfolds.

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Re: Will & Grace

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@elruth  I totally agree.  The laughing drives me nuts.  

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Re: Will & Grace

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I couldn't stand the original and don't plan to watch this iteration of it. I DO like Sean Hayes, but don't like the rest of the cast.


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Re: Will & Grace

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I was disappointed, the only good acting was from SH, the rest sounded forced. I didn't like that the storyline was all political either.

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I didn't watch but my mom did, and she said the 'canned' laughter drove her nuts, too.

She also said she was very lukewarm about the show.

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Have always loved this ensemble ~ this episode was a bit too political for my liking, though.  I plan to to stick with it unless that theme continues.

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I think they tried to pack a lot into the first episode to catch up the franchise to current day.  It's my understanding that future episodes will not be so political which I hope is true as I found it to be a bit of overkill by the end of the episode.

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I'm 28 and grew up with watching Will & Grace. I thought is was pretty similar to the original which made me happy. The laugh track added to that. The jokes were actually funny and the set-up was great. It seems more like a "reboot" than anything.