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So I would like to know, paying about $119 a year to be a Prime member all video content isn't included? Netflix and Hulu don't ask me to pay for certain content, everything is included. I will not give Amazon not a nickel more to watch something I am required to "rent", I'll skip it.

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I guess I didn't realize Prime did that. Everything I ever wanted to watch, I could.

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Re: Why Amazon Prime

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I dont have Prime, I get better buys on ebay!!

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Same thing on Disney, the new version of Mulan is 19.99 right now 

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The free shipping would be enough for me....I do a lot of shopping at Amazon, since I don't drive much.  I always get great prices.


The streaming is a bonus for me.  My nephew gave me a Firestick a few years ago, and I have access at no additional cost to more than I could ever watch.


I don't pay for any additional streaming sites like HULU or Netflix....and got rid of cable, too.  $119 per year is a great deal for my needs.

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I have Amazon Prime and I've never paid a dime extra for Prime Video.


There is an additional monthly charge for Prime Video Channels, which allows you to watch specific channels such as HBO and SHOWTIME without subscribing thru your cable provider. 

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I rarely even look at the video but buy virtually all my drug, cosmetic, hardware and pet items including big bags of dog food at Amazon, one item at a time.  I can do little walking so can't browse in stores.  It has been a God-send for me and well worth the annual fee.

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@Jordan2  The free shipping is our main incentive, but I also take advantage of free music, video and books. Also, don't forget to sign up for If you do you can have a portion of your purchases donated to your charity of choice.

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Amazon Prime was essential when my kids were in college- the cost of books were a fraction and the shipping was FAST. I've thought about canceling- each year I l review my account and assess the cost savings -- it's still 'there'. Not as much as the college days though!


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I guess it depends upon your perspective. I like to joke that Amazon is my spirit animal. I purchase through smile amazon such as @PA Mom-mom  mentioned, and my purchases help to support ASPCA. It may not seem like much but when you add up the millions of Amazon buyers it's quite a bit of money that they receive quarterly. 


I believe this week alone I have made 3 or 4 purchases. Free Music, books and movies, are just gravy on top for me. I pay for prime primarily for the convenience of having whatever my little heart desires, shipped for free. (smile)