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From My Big Fat Fabulous Life. The engagement is off. A pesky detail like another women is expecting her fiancée's baby.

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sounds like she dodged a bullet.

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Not surprised, there’s something about him I didn’t like.

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Yeah, that'll end an engagement quicker than anything!

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I hadnt heard this until reading it just now. 

I wondered all along honestly, if it being a reality show was a fake engagement and boyfriend the whole time? It would not surprise me since reality shows are not always real.

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She has had about 3 boyfriends that were cheating. I think these guys want to be on TV so they date her but they really do respect her or see it as a real relationship. She should check these guys out before she dates them. It would really help her. These vultures see her as needy and an easy mark plus the show pays them. 

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These stories are scripted for TV ratings. Just make believe....

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If this makes me judgemental, so be it but...

WHEN is she going to do something about her weight? It's not that she's a little plump but she is REALLY obese. This can't be good for her heart, her blood pressure, her joints, etc. She's really active and sometimes I wonder what she's "running" from? 

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If it's true I feel bad for her, but I tend to think the storyline was made up for tv.

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I had thought all along that Ryan (her business partner) was just there so he could be on TV and make a name for himself. Now I am thinking that about Chase too. 


But shame on TLC if the whole thing was just made up for the show.