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Watching White Christmas for the first time this this movie!  It brings on the season.  Miracle on 34th St next!


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White Christmas is my all time favorite Christmas movie!  

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I know what you mean, I saw that my favorite version of " A Christmas Carol " will be on TCM on Dec. 8 at 8:00. It is the one from the 50's with Alistar Sim, I always call it the good one, LOL. 🎄

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My favorite Christmas movie !!!!!!


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Oh, how I love this movie, too!  The musical numbers, the costumes, the storyline, the scenery.  All are embraceable and warming. 

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are these movies on a particular channel today or are you watching them from your own collections?

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White Christmas was free on  netflix


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It isn't Christmas for me until I see this movie. Have been watching it for 30 some years. Tried to get my granddaughter to watch it with me last year,she was fourteen and not interested. But, maybe I'll try again in a few years. I was probably close to thirty before I watched it.

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Re: White Christmas

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I love White Christmas - my favorite holiday movie - especially the "Sister"s number and the closing with everyone singing WC with the snow falling.   Also love Miracle on 34th St. - the original.    In years past, Miracle would always air on Thanksgiving Day, but it wasn't shown last year or this year.  Many years ago, the Santa suit worn by Edmund Gwenn in Miracle was on display at Macy's on 34th St.   

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I like this movie, too.  My favorite one is Holiday Inn.  This is the movie that introduced the song White Christmas.  The scene where he sings part of it and misses the girl makes me cry even though I have seen the movie a zillion times and know how it ends.