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@CherryHugs wrote:

Which Talk Show or Shows do you watch?


Strahan Sara Keke

Tamron Hall

Kelly Clarkson

None of these


For Me, it is None of these. I dont watch talk shows. I have watched a minute or two of Strahan and Kelly but just couldnt watch any longer lol.


I have not really enjoyed a talk show since Phil Donahue, and Oprah.  Nothing compares to them.

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I still can't believe Kelly and Ryan are still on.

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Actually I don’t care for talk shows. Tv usually isn’t on during the day. If it is, then it’s ID channel or Columbo.

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All these new shows crop up every Fall and the never make it past the first season.  They're awful...

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Re: Which Talk Show?

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i don't watch any talk shows

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I don't watch any day or night talk shows.

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None of the above.


I don't even know who those people are.


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None. I can't stand "talk" shows. Never ever liked Opie.


I admit that once in a blue moon I'll catch an episode of Dr. Phil just to see the odd ducks that go on there!

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