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Which Talk Show?

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Which Talk Show or Shows do you watch?


Strahan Sara Keke

Tamron Hall

Kelly Clarkson

None of these


For Me, it is None of these. I dont watch talk shows. I have watched a minute or two of Strahan and Kelly but just couldnt watch any longer lol.


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I never watch any of the talk shows.

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None.  I hate daytime TV.  

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Stephen Colbert.

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None of the above   and no contest shows except occasionally Shark Tank. absolutely no Housewife shows or Big Brother-type shows either.



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I watch Stephen Colbert and Seth Myers at night. I haven’t watched a daytime talk show since Oprah, unless the Chew counts.

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None of them......actually no one in my immediate family

or extended family watch them....i am not sure WHO is actually watching them..............

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I don't watch any talk shows, daytime or night. Couldn't care less what designated viewpoints they want to spout.


Don't have any idea who the first two characters you listed are. While I know the name Kelly Clarkson for her singing talent, I didn't realize her talent extended to talk show host.



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None of these.  Most were created to kill soap operas as talk shows are much cheaper to produce.

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