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When TV News and Entertainment Converge

Let me begin by extending my thoughts and prayers to all of those in the midwest who have been impacted by the weather events of recent days, not the least of which was today's unprecedented tornado destruction in and around Moore, Oklahoma. To our friends in this online community and elsewhere who have relatives and friends who've suffered untold loss during this catastrophe, please know that we will keep you in our hearts and minds as you struggle to recover and rebuild after this devastation.

Regarding the title of this post, as you know May Sweeps continue through Wednesday, May 22nd. This is a critical television ratings period in which many network shows present their season finales and special programming.

As you might expect, at a time like this, all of that is disregarded in favor of breaking news updates and hour-long News Department specials designed to bring viewers the latest video and information about the tragedy. Don't be surprised if many of your favorites are truncated, postponed or pre-empted.

It'll be interesting to see what CBS does tonight concerning the season finale of MIKE AND MOLLY. In S3/Ep22 entitled "Windy City," in retaliation for getting dumped by Mike's mother, the Captain reassigns police officer, Mike and his partner Carl to a detail at a Renaissance Faire, where a tornado approaches, while Mike and wife, Molly, each try to reach the other with important news.

It's obvious to see that out of respect for the victims of our nation's real weather events, this installment probably will not be seen tonight. Some might argue, "Why not?" because M&M is fiction and set in Chicago. That's immaterial. A network can't risk offending viewers due to disrespect or insensitivity. That's far more important than the few additional ratings points that broadcasting it as planned may have generated. The analagous situation in TV is that in the wake of a plane crash, all airlines commercials for all air carriers are pulled immediately for a respectable period of time following the crash. We must remember that what's playing out in our nation's heartland is much more dramatic and real than any TV show could possibly imagine.