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Seems like I'm one of the few who watches this show. Anyhow, if anyone watched last night, what happened? I fell asleep before it came on and missed the whole show. Thanks in advance if you can tell me.

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Could be spoilers....


The link Ainhisg sent pretty much sums up the episode.


I am on the fence about where the show is heading, I have watched from the begining and if you have too, you know it has been all over the place.  I think they have added too many storylines and new characters  in order to please everyone.  Do they need a feminist pharmacist?  The female characters have always been the center of the show, but it would be nice to see one of the male leads do something on their own without being told what to do.  There is a lot Bill could do now that he has left Abigail's Cafe.  And now Lee is working for his wife?

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I love the show, but agree it's kind of all over the place . I'm sure the storyline will improve as we go on. 

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My DH and I try to get interested in the same shows so we can watch them together.  He won't watch that because the name sounds so stupid, LOL.

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I watched this for a few years but with the season ending last year I decided no more with this show.