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I don't watch the show, but it comes on after my Soap, so today I noticed it had been replaced with the Kelly Clarkson Show.  Just wondering if her show has been canceled or moved to a new time period (although time slots might be up to the local affiliate).


At least they dropped that awful Frangela show, but I wish they had brought back Right This Minute instead of another talk show (Tamron Hall).

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I’ve never understood Wendy’s popularity. She can dish it out , but can’t take it.

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We get Wendy here on our local FOX Channel at 1 ET, and she was on today with a new show. Since her show is syndicated your local stations can drop her or renew her at their own disgression. 

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I have never liked Wendy Williams or her show.  That woman hates people.


I do like Tamron Hall’s new show a lot.  Good topics so far.  Kelly Clarkson is a doll and I’d watch her show more if she wasn’t on at 2 am here.  If I happen to wake up, I’ll watch her but the volume has to be down low cause the girl can be loud, lol.

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Wendy Williams is on my cable at 11:00am on Fox.


I like Wendy. Her personal life has been a mess recently, and to know what an abusive relationship she has been in for so many years is pretty heartbreaking. To get stuck in an abusive relationship is not easy.


She fired her ex-husband from her show (go her!), and she is doing her best after finally ending the abuse. I watch her show only because she is up against The View, which has just become a daily political bash fest. I would rather watch Wendy.


What I really like about Wendy is her clothing line. I have a feeling she is not coming back to HSN. That bums me out because she makes great clothes. Great prices too. Well made.


Once she gets her life back in order maybe she will get back into her clothing line.

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Karma catches up with you after all.  After being so hateful towards others, it was only a matter of time before her messy life was made public.